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Celeron 1.3 Taulatin

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Mar 10, 2002
Any one have any tips on overclocking this chip? Running it on Abit ST6R. Did the VidMod trick and can get 1.725V out of it, but the chip refuses to go past 117Mhz FSB. So currently its at 1534MHZ and 46C.

Any suggestions, tips, comments are greatly appreciated.
is 46c your idle or load temp? Either way, they are quite high. You'll want to do something about that. If you're using a retail cooler, replace it with something more robust.

Generally speaking, you really can't except a really high overclock out of chips with already a high clockspeed. However, improved temps may help.

I'm not sure with pins you covered, but you may want to get the voltage up to 1.8. Plenty of links around here to help you out. Might probably get more out of it.
I agree. I think the temps are the problem. I had stability problems when my Tualatin was in the 45C full load range until I got better cooling.
welcome to the forums!

your temp seems to be an issue, it should be alot lower than that at idle...also, which pins did you wrap? Your voltage after the wrap should be higher than that...as far as how high you can go, there are other limiting factors as well. What kind of RAM do you have? Have you modified the RAM timings/settings?

Drop your temps FIRST, then we'll take it one step at a time...
OK I think you get the idea that your chip temperature are out of spec. I would recommend the ThermalRight AX-7 w/ a Delta80mm 80cfm in this case and a tube of AS3 if you haven't so have one.

This thing will LITERALLY cool you down to the 30's @ full load, you won't have to worry about temperatures again, it could be used in future CPU and it'll last long. My recommendation is yes.. get it :D
First of all, appreciate all the replies.

The temp was suspect from the beggining. My Cel800@1034 used to be in low 30's. I don't think it's my cooling. Currently using Alpha Pal6035 w/ YSTech 40cfm fan /w AS3. Will have to remove everything, reapply and try again. Not really looking forward to going to the 80CFM fan, as the current one is plenty loud.

The temp of 43-46C is idle. Using CPU Burn it gets to 51-52C. The other board sensor reads 36-38. Parhaps more case cooling is in order.

The pins rapped for the Vid Mod are Vid1 & Vid2. Instructions for that were found in this forum.

The memory should not be a problem. Crucial PC133 Cas 2, 256mb x 2. Video Card GF3 Ti500. HD 60GXP 40gb x2 in Raid0 set up.

Will reapply HS/Fan, maybe put 120mm in the side over the CPU. Will keep you all posted. Till then, keep it coming.
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