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Celeron 466 keychain

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Mar 27, 2001
Indiana/North Dakota
I have an old socket 370 celery that I'm turning into a keychain...any tips or ideas on the project...I've never done it before and I hope you can give me some helpful tips...thanks


Oct 20, 2002
step 1: insert into pc
step 2: leave uncovered
*for some extra fun, use small hs and run benches until dead*
step 3: wait until cpu has that nice burnt aroma to it.
step 4: remove charmbroiled cpu from pc
step 5: use pliers/ dremel to remove pins
step 6: grind pins down with demel
step 7: drill small hole into one corner of cpu
step 8: inert small chain/ string through hole
step 9: tie string/ solder chain together
step 10: wear with pride

And there you have it ladies and gentemen, 10 easy steps to making a cpu keychain. Tune into next weeks show where we will be traking down the illustrious 533mhz celeron and giving it a nitrogen bath.

ol' man

Aug 23, 2001
michaelkahl said:
well i have an ultra smooth surface, but no mirror shine...any suggestions?


Also wanted to add I have removed some BX chipsets from the mobos using a heat gun. You can removed the pins on the back of the CPU the same way. It will look neater that way.