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celeron 500+pentium III 733

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They will work fine, in single CPU mode. You can't use them together.

The Acorp motherboard doesn't support dual Celerons in any configuration, by the way.
From what I've been told here, only matching chips work in SMP, 2 P3's clocked at the same speed, etc. So even though the cellie works, you'd need a matching one to use it.
I doubt they will work. Most SMP boards are very particullar in the the chips need to be very simillar. i.e. speed, voltage, and sometimes cache size. Which all differ in those two chips.
It's not possible. It's common knowledge.

You can sometimes mix chips of the same type, but different speed, and they work at the speed of the slowest chip. The AMD 760MP and MPX chipsets will do this, for instance. You could mix a MP 1.2 and MP 1.0, they will each run at 1.0 GHz. You can't mix different kinds of chips, though. No P3+Celeron, no MP+Duron.
Not all dual socket 370 boards support PPGA Celerons either. That's limited to the BP6 and some revisions of the MSI 694D. Slot 1 boards with the right slockets can work as well, but it depends on the board/slocket combination.

The Acorp doesn't support dual Celerons of any core/speed, period. You all are forgetting this is an i815-based board. The boards that Celeron 533 MHz and slower chips will work in are all VIA 694D and BX chipsets. So.... this board needs dual PIII. Period.

Some boards will run a PIII with a celeron. You'll want a board with two VRMs because the chips will want different voltages. Search the forums @ www.2cpu.com for more info.

- JW
Hey JCLW, I can't find a single thing about running a Cellie and P3. Do you remember what they were talking about so I can refine my search a litte? Everything I get about running dual intel's are always talking about the same spec cpu's :(
I'll have a look for you.

You can mix most steppings. intel has a matrix that can be found in the PIII spec update PDF.

- JW
nice site the 2cpu.com , although it seems that almost everything that they´ve acheived was almost miraculous just as they even say for example :"to my surprise the win2k booted having a celeron and a pentium III on this crappy mobo".
I won´t try myself to be lucky or notr as I guess (just what they say) , that one cpu can get higher voltage than it needs as get toasted
I just won´t be able to replace that processor (lack of money) and will feel very stupid for trying such a thing.