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Celeron Overclock

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New Member
Jul 1, 2004
Its my first time in this forum and i want some information please.
How can i overclock my celeron 1.1 motherboard asus tuv4x.
and how to overclock my video card. geforce 2 mx 200.
Please tell me step by step.


Feb 6, 2003
washington state
the videocard is easy. download a little program called powerstrip, and a big video benchmarking program like 3dmark01 or 03. then, in one of the powerstrip menus, change the gpu clockspeeds up until you start seeing abnormalities in looped 3dmark tests. lower it, do the same with the memory.

cpu is a different matter, though. is this an oem machine, or one you built yourself? if its oem, you wont be able to overclock at all through the BIOS. if you built it yourself, you may be able to. (did you think about overclocking when you bought the board?) when you turn on the computer and see the POST screen, press either delete, or f10. (i dont know what it is on the mobo, usually its delete) and it will send you into a menu. look around till you find FSB settings (no multipliers on this, its an intel machine) and just inch them up a bit, restart, continue, (probably you should use prime95 for testing) if you have vcore or vdimm options, raise those a tad when you get instabilities. when your ram tops out, you can change the cpu/fsb ratio, to let the cpu run faster than the ram. 5:4 and keep climbing. i dont know much about timings, so hopefully someone else does. i know that by loosening up the timings on your ram, you can achieve a higher overclock.