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Celeron Slug

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Jun 7, 2001
Lugoff, SC
I have an old Celeron mB0 that has the big metal slug on top. It was VERY uneven, so I lapped it...after I lapped it, it was faster (strange). Its still not perfect, would it be possible to take off the metal plate? Would there be a risk of cracking the die? Thanx Ahead
Crap...thats gonna be a problem. Its like the heat spreader on the new intels, except this one isnt as easy to remove.
Im gone for 3 days, and I get nothing??? :( Ill explain more, its got some white cement looking stuff holding on the metal plate on top of the core...someone help me pleeeeeezzzz
It seems more approiate for cooling, but if someone could show me how to move it, id appreciate it alot.
You don't have to remove it. Lap it down to bare copper, and a nice flat surface. I gained an extra 100mhz on a 366(from 500 to 600 by doing so. As you already seem to know how to lap, just keep the thing dry and take your time.
Im not sure if this will help but, I have an AMD K62 with a heatplate on it like the P4 and I tried removing it but I chipped the edge of the ceramic CPU instead. If I could do it all over again, I wouldnt have done so since the benefits arent worth the risks to me.