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celeron temps/voltages

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Aug 10, 2001
orofino, id
busy overclocking my celeron 850. right now i am at 1105 with 1.85v. my temps are super low even at 1.9v, like 21c idle 34c full load. i am using a gigabyte slotket and be6II v.2 motherboard. i cannot go any higher at 1.85v and am wondering if i should raise the voltage further (only because of my low temps) to at least get 133 fsb. those temps where taken from bios only at idle and from abit hardware docter.


try using a probe to get more accurate readings you mobo might be giving temps that can be off by as much as 10c also if you up the voltage even more you run the risk of frying your chip i dont know much about celly's and how high the voltage can go the higher the voltage the higher the risk of poof your chip becomes a paperweight
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Jul 9, 2001
Louisville, KY
what kind of cooling do you have and what are you using for temp. monitoring? If thats really your load temp then it seems you have excellent cooling. Whats the default voltage for that chip? Generally the highest you should push your voltage is .30 over default and only with EXCELLENT cooling