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CeleronII 1.1GHZ versus PentiumIII 1GHZ

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Re the powersupply, what else is running int he case, ie if you have alot of disk and cd-drives etc then 250 is not enough.

Have you tried going for around 140Mhz fsb? If one of youre mem chips is PC100 then I would recommend taking it out and getting some PC133 or above as you may be able to speed up the memory timings as well with faster ram.

What speed have you got the volcano 7+ fan set on?
I have a CDRW, CD ROM, I have about 6 USB devices, 2- 80MM fans, one 40mm fan, voodoo 5500, SB-live Xgamer LOL! I think it's the power supply.

the volcano was a pain in the butt to get in ...i had to angle a few of the small screws that hold down the fan cover because i had no room get the screw driver in straight and i ended up nudging a few of the capacitors and one of them is kissing the HS but no harm done... i got all 4 in and it's a strong hold, 2 of them i was only able to screw halfway in, luckily my case has a removable motherboard plate or "I" would of been screwed...had to pull out all my memory and all my cards just to get that monster in ...sucker is heavy too.

Do i need to get memory faster than PC 133 so i can run @ 1050?
I can bring it up to that in the Bios using the 150x7 mutiplier or will the pc133 O/C to 150?

The volcano is on medium idling @ 32C... but it's hot tonight around 85F, system is @ 39C

i haven't tried 140x7..that will bring me up to 987, i'll try it and let you know how i did :)
Congrats! You're lucky just to hit 133 FSB if you have one PC100 RAM. Not a lot of those cB0 700 CPUs will reach 150 FSB. Certainly a bigger and better power supply should be in the budget. If you plan to get a P-4 eventually, then save up for a Antec True Power 430 watt P-4 compliant power supply. Although, a 300 watt unit will be enough for that P-III right now.
I guess everyone at one time or another has a scary momment when overclocking.. mine happened lastnight when i tried to bring my system up to 980= 140x7. when i made the changes in the bios she booted up and everything was fine for about 15 minutes and then all of a sudden I heard this clicking, anyone who has heard this before know's exactly what that sound is....and it's very scary. so i rebooted to see if it would stop and this time i got a black screen with the little white strobing dot on the upper left corner. I thought to myself "that's all she wrote" but then i remembered the short alarms i was getting from the system monitor about the -5V and thought the problem is low voltage and the drive might not have enouph power to boot up ...so I went out this morning and bought a new 350W power supply the old one was a 250W. I put it in and everything is fine now... I brought her back up to 980 and she's running smooth no lockups or freezes and idling at 32C. I pulled the fan out of the old power supply and attached it with velcro to the inside of the left panel @ 45* angle to get rid of any hot spots inside the case and it worked ....My temps inside the case are 3C lower :)