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Celly 600 VS 850 MHz

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Jul 11, 2002
I'm using celly cB0 6oo@765MHz now. Is it worth to upgrade to celly 850 cD0 for 45$. How far can i o/c this 850 cD0, maybe 1150? I have ASUS CUV-4X with Thermaltake 6Cu+. Thanks you in advance.:beer:
i have the cuv4x too. right now i have a 700E coppermine@980 and am about to buy a tualatin celeron. 1.1 probably, but maybe 1.2. These cpus arent supposed to work in this board but it works if you do a few things. go checkout the thread about it.

anyway, for $50 i get a 1.1gig cpu thatll overclock to atleast 1.5 while having a high fsb.

And in answer to your question, no, dont buy an 850 for $45. Its not worth it.
yeah ur better off taking that money that ur gonna spend on the 800 and use it to get a celly 1.0A or 1.1A. although u might have to get a different board, for i dont know that much about ur board. sorry....
I am presently running my Celeron 850 @ 1054 MHz. Been over a year at this speed with nothing deleterious. It will run at 1100+ with additional voltage, but I don't feel like the minimal performance improvement is worthe the (a) extra voltage and (b) extra heat.

many cele 600's can do 900Mhz+ If I were you I would play with my 600 a bit more and see what you can get out of it

and no an 850 isn't worth the $$$
If you are dead set on getting another non Tualatin Celeron then get the 800, as it will almost always hit 133 fsb for 1066mhz. The one that I had did this without any added voltage also. Get a good hsf and you should be able to do the same. But if it where me, I would go for the 1.1 gig Tualatin as it is quite a bit faster of a chip right out of the box and will almost always hit 133 fsb for 1460mhz. They are not much more than the 850 anyways.
My Celeron 900 (step D0) will easily to 1200mhz at default voltage. You 850mhz (assume it is also step D0), should be able to hit 1133mhz (using 133mhz bus).

However, you VIDEO CARD may not handle the AGP 2/3 Divider!

I assume that your MB is on the older BX chipset with an AGP divider FIXED at 2/3. This could be an HUGE problem when your are overclocking with a FSB of 133mhz!

When you Overclock your CPU, you will be overclocking your Video Card at the same time. So make sure your Video card can handle 89mhz!

If not, you can always turn off AGP 2X to AGP 1 X to stabilized the videocard.
cuv4x is via. as far as i know theres no problem with high FSBs. i run my coppermine at 135mhz. i know thats not high but........
Well, maybe the final word: If you mant to make a cheap upgrade and don´t want to change your motherboard nor read the 900+ pages "running a tyualatin in a non tualatin board..." and try that, go for the tualatin... If you don´t plan the effort of the mothercoard/cpu modding to use a tualatin on your cuv4x, just try selling that cely 600 for $10 he he and buy a coppermine cely cDo stepping and hit the 133 fsb... End of upgrade for your machine.
from talking to people i have figured out that for my cuv4x i must isolate the 3 pins (an3, aj3 ak4), and connect ak4 to ak26. then if neccessary connect vid25mv to vss to set the voltage right. i think it should work without it or not.

that is it. not too complicated. i have just ordered my 1.1a to try out and will post the results. i dont guarantee it to work.

checkout this link for the pin map and his method for connecting pins. http://digilander.libero.it/grandecigno/Tua_BX_41.htm
Well Advanr I am glad to hear that you are getting a 1.1 Tualatin cpu. Also glad to hear that you are going to try the mod. I didnt have the patience to try doing that mod myself so i just bought the Abit ST-6 motherboard and went the safe route. Anyways, if the mod doesnt work, you are halfways there to haveing a newer, faster machine. I highly recommend the Abit ST-6 or the Asus TUSL-2 motherboards. I havent used the ASUS board yet, but I have heard nothing but good things about it. The only setback to the ST-6 is the fact that you cannot use more than 512 mb or ram on it, but who really needs more on a PIII based comp anyhow?