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Cerleon Tualtan 1.1A vs Celeron 1.7

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Jul 3, 2002
Cairo, Egypt
I am building a system for my friend and am wondering which way to go
I am thinking of a system like mine (1.1A@1466 Tusl2-C....)
But the dealer tries very hard to convince me to get 1.7 celeron because of it is price/performance ratio
i know exactly that it is built upon willamett core with half the cache 128 but he keeps telling me that the this one can be upgraded later to 2.X Northwoodys
I know he is right and i know that the tualtan is not future proof at all but i want to ask u first about this and also wanted to know if there are benchmark between specificly OC celeron 1.1 and OC celeron 1.7
the 1.1A will spank that 1.7's arse. especially when overclocked.
but, if your friend will be upgrading to a real P4 sometime soon, i say go for it.
you'll have the mobo and the DDR or RDRAM already. all you'll need is the P4.

when i say soon, i mean within the next 2-3 months, not next year.
I would not build a 1.7 Celeron computer for a dog. If your friend is truly set on getting a P-4 Celeron, than at least get the 2.0 Celeron since that's a Northwood (although with a castrated cache). Forget the Willamette Celerons, they're nearly worthless (in my humble opinion).

Tualatin CPUs are great for upgrading if you already have a socket 370 mobo, but if you're building a system from scratch, I'd go with a Northwood system, no question. Spending a litle extra now will pay off later as far as having a good future upgrade path.
Precisely. The 2.0 Celeron is a C1 core and routinely reaches 3GHz with little effort. While the cache size does reduce performance below that of P4's of even remotely similar clock speed, it will outrun a 1.1a Celeron system, while at the same time be ready for the real chip at some point. With Celeron 2.0's below 90 bucks at present it makes little sense to invest in Socket 370 processor, or the any of the supporting hardware specific to them.
thanks guys
that is also what i hoped for (coz i got 1.1A myself, look in sig)
Should i also go for the 1.7 if he will be using sdram not ddr or rdram?
i think this is kinda of waste,isn't it
p4 with sdram won't be much faster that a tualatin with sdram if at all even if he is gonna upgrade it afterwards to a Northwood 1.8A-2A
I think it will even be kinda more loss for him coz:
if he buys the tualatin processor and a capable mobo with sdram and wants to upgrade afterwards he will find many people wanting that system instead of people giving hundreds of bucks for a pIV coupled with that slow type of ram
Do not, and I repeat, do not use SDRAM with a P-4. Get a decent DDR mobo and memory. The spend just a few extra bucks and get the 2.0 Celeron, NOT the 1.7 Celeron. There is no future with a P-4 SDRAM system.
these were exactly my thoughts
i think that even a celly tualatin is a great cpu but its memory speed is worse than mediocre
rizge said:
Should i also go for the 1.7 if he will be using sdram not ddr or rdram?

"obviously, if you are upgrading, run - don't walk - away from the PIV SDRAM option."
Joe Citarella - 1/1/02

"845 boards? Please. Those are the antiChrists of high performance."
Ed Stroligo - 9/23/01
(in reference to SDRAM on a P4)