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FRONTPAGE CES 2022: ASUS ROG Shows off Gaming Mice, Headsets, Monitors, and More

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Nov 1, 1998
ASUS Republic Of Gamers: Few products demand more respect. ASUS ROG is synonymous with high quality, great aesthetics, and a matching price. At CES 2022, ASUS is announcing 10 new ROG products including headsets, a gaming mouse, keyboards, monitors, and even an SFF power supply. ASUS conducted a live stream of its product launch at 11 AM this morning. Here is the link if you wish to watch it on YouTube. There is a lot to cover and a lot to love, so let's get to it.
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Apr 29, 2010
Central FL
Like the screens, not sure I need lights on my ears though.

I was looking at their PSUs on Newegg last night. Anyone have an idea who the manufacturer is?


"That Backfired" Senior Member
Jun 5, 2013
Go Blue!
I wholeheartedly agree.

I'm kinda digging the ROG Loki SFF PSU. Up to 1200W is insane for an SFX-L power supply. Images weren't available yet when I wrote the article, but it looks like ASUS has posted them on its website now.


Benching Team Leader
May 29, 2005
The OLED screen seems nice, but I wonder a) what it will cost, and if b) it will have the matte coating it is rumored/shown to have. Matte on an OLED can mess up the beautiful picture/contrast/colors/etc. The one good part is that it will have DisplayPort, although LG just announced they are finally releasing a 42'' OLED screen which will have full HDMI 2.1 (48gbps) vs the somewhat neutered 40gbps on the C1 (like the 48'' I have at my desk now).
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