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FRONTPAGE CES 2023 – Asus Flaunts 540 Hz and OLED Monitors, Wi-Fi 7 Routers and More!

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Looks pretty sharp. Considering they have it up against their own product side by side I would tend to believe its a fair comparison. I suppose it makes sense that if the display is refreshing 3x faster than the input signal that the pixels would be very crisp.
Like 60Hz to 120-165Hz, and 120-165 to 240Hz, there's a noticeable difference between 240Hz and 540Hz. I thought you couldn't see much over 240 Hz, but, it was there staring me in the face, lol. Felt like cheating again (you can see things far even in quick turns of direction-type of thing).

My question is, what CPU can push a GPU hard enough at that low of a resolution to actually reach those Hz/FPS. We talking CS:GO with 6 Ghz Intel or AMD 3D cache required?
maaaan.... i'm behind the times... by a long shot... still rockin a 60Hz 2560x1600 16:10 monitor... has to be over 10 years old at this point... i'm afraid the best i can upgrade to at this point is either smaller monitor (27 inch at 16:9 ratio and 240Hz) for higher refresh rate (bleh), or larger monitor (42-48 inch) 4k, which is pretty much limited to 144Hz. and of course then there's the $$$$ i don't have. anybody want to donate 4 grand my way for PC upgrades? :rofl:

Disclaimer: any request for money is meant for humour only, and is NOT to be taken seriously. The Baconnaire happily accepts the consequence that spending much $$$$ on bacon results in way less $ available for PC upgrades.