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Chaintech CT-7VJL-S-Deluxe or EPoX EP-8K5A3+/8K3A+??

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Definitely the Epox. They are amazing overclocking boards. Chaintech doesn't make great quality stuff, they are mostly geared towards the oem market so you won't find them feature-rich or with many overclocking options.
what about ABIT? I never even pondered ABIT until you guys all started raving about their boards. Now I'm seriously considering going ABIT for my NFORCE2 board whereas before I was going to go back to EPOX.

BOOO MSI (not good OCer for me)
BOOO GIGA-BYTE (not good BIOS support for my KM266)
BOOO ASUS (expensive for performance/price)
I know from reading in here that the 7VJL oced very well. Do a search in here to read bout it. I think the only real diff between the 7VJL and the 7VJL Deluxe is the KT400 chipset so it should oc just the same.
I've been leaning towards the 7VJL for my next board. It seems to maybe not be the world's best OCer, but it's up there! And more importantly- to me, anyway- it comes with a ton of extra stuff in the box. Head phones, 5.5" breakout box, round cables, all that cool stuff, and at a decent price too :D

The only problem is I'm bit leery of buying Chaintech. I have no experiance with them, but they seem to make some good stuff these days.