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Change.org petition to add an option to disable power saving in GPU settings

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Feb 29, 2016
I started a new change.org petition.


AMD add an option in GPU settings to disable the new power saving to recover performance


The mandatory power saving feature introduced in the new Crimson drivers decrease performance and introduce instability in the gaming experience and multimedia playback.

An user option to disable it in GPU settings GUI could solve the problem for users who prefer performance over power saving.



Edit: (spreading the petition in other forums)





Situation update:

AMDMatt (AMD rep) posted this in OCUK forums:

From an overclocking perspective i wouldn't mind this feature, though i don't think it's required for regular users. Nonetheless, I'll ensure this reaches the right people within AMD.


Situation update 2:

Petition status update:

AMDMatt has posted a new comment about the petition for this option:

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to give you a quick update from Terry Makedon.

There is no need for a petition, this is something we're already working on and will release in a future Radeon Software update.

You can follow Terry on Twitter @catalystmaker.


It seems the petition is doing something so it needs to follow until we reach the goal.

Your goal is 100? Should be easy! Good luck to ya!

I get your goal here, the urgency in which this gets done. All the power to ya :)
I don't see much need for this as exactly as in the end of the post it says that it will be included in a future version of Crimson.
I don't see much need for this as exactly as in the end of the post it says that it will be included in a future version of Crimson.

The last update was the second AMD PR comment suggesting a petition is not needed AFTER THE PETITION WAS INITIATED and saying the asked option "will release in a future Radeon Software update."

This performance breaking power saving feature is acting SINCE CRIMSON WAS RELEASED MONTHS AGO (November 2015) and nothing was done yet to fix it, correct or give customers an option to choice performance over mandatory power saving.

Based on previous AMD and AMD PR lies to his GPU customers this kind words only means someone at AMD don't want more public exposition of this Petition.

"Next week", "have faith", "you must be patient" and similar phrases were commonly used in the past by AMD and AMD PR with no future REAL resolution of problems.

The petition is not harming anyone but AMD desire to stop AMD GPU customer critics, i will personally shut it down and say thanks to AMD and AMD PR when this undetermined "future Radeon software update" was released with the option in a functional state.

I'll believe when i see and can use it until then words are not FACTS.
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Today Crimson 16.2.1 driver were released and this is not the "future software update" that will add an users option to choose performance or power saving:

Known Issues

Core clocks may not maintain sustained clock speeds resulting in choppy performance and or screen corruption


Situation update 3:

Petition status update:

AMDMatt (AMD rep) has posted a new comment about the petition for this option in OCUK:

I've posted this here before, but if anyone is experiencing clock fluctuation then you should be able to resolve the issue by using either Catalyst 15.7.1 WHQL or Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta as a temporary solution.


"Temporal solution" is the usual AMD "disable it" in this case use pre-Crimson drivers if new Crimson power saving saves too much...

IMHO if they simply slowed the timings of the down-clocking some so that when the GPU is being used it stays in operational mode as opposed to every half a second dropping to power saving mode we all would be happy. Im sure its far easier to suggest this than to actually incorporate it into a driver. But I agree this dropping into power saving mode so quickly during full on gaming is the pits. Please fix this AMD !!!

Situation update 4:

AMD drivers 16.3 added:

Power Efficiency Toggle: A new feature introduced in the Radeon™ Settings Gaming tab for select AMD Radeon™ 300 series and AMD Radeon™ Fury X available under "Global Options". This allows the user to disable some power efficiency optimizations.


As specified in drivers changelog this is a toggle supported only in 300 series and Fury X GPUs.It appear and disappear without any effect in other GPUs.

The performance unlocking effect in supported GPUs is limited (it doesn't lock clocks) and doesn't work always in all games (3D power state).

An universal solution for all AMD GPUs can only be obtained using the reg values specified here:

First reg value solution is already available in RadeonMod tool:

- 1.0.13 [06/03/2016]

Added Crimson Power Saving to "Tweaks". Toggle off to prevent GPU downclocking.