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FEATURED Changes in GPU benchmark

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Senior Member
Apr 12, 2004
PG is about to propose unifying the SMP and GPU benchmark. Both are now able to run implicit and explicit solvent simulations, so the same WUs will run on both. Running the same WUs on both will bring the QRB to GPU folding.

In my opinion, GPU folding is undervalued compared to SMP folding. You can run SMP with virtually no impact to the UI and relatively low power consumption, while running GPU folding can cause significant lag and uses a lot of power.

On the other hand, this will be another round of massive points inflation.


Overclockers Team Content Editor
Jun 17, 2005
Thanks for the update. If the wu's are the same, meaning same deadlines, won't it cause problems with the QRB? No doubt some wu's will run faster on one platform vs the other.


May 31, 2004
The real question is whether GPU folding brings something new to the table that can't be done using SMP. If it does, then it might be worth more, taking into account energy consumption. If not, then its just a waste of resources.


Senior whose title will pier
Mar 17, 2002
Perhaps EVGA forums are bribing them in a strategy to retake 1st ;)

on a more serious note, I can fit 3 GPUs in my motherboard vs 1 CPU. It is alot easier for me to add additional power GPU wise than CPU wise. The PCI Express Slot also has alot more longevity than my CPU Socket.

Since I first bought my I7 computer i've...
Upgraded the CPU once 920>940
Purchased 5 GPUs (sold 4) (GPU's have alot more resale value IMO because of the longevity of the pci express slot.) Offering more Points on the GPU Client could see a new wave of processing power since it's usually pretty easy to just add another card.
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