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Changing LEDs on a Antec SX1030b

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Feb 28, 2002
I popped the case front off yesterday to see how the LEDs are arranged, and noticed that they aren't just straight LEDs, they "plug" into a slot. I was wondering if anyone here has modded their Antec's LEDs, and how they went about it.

Normally I wouldn't ask this question, but the way they LEDs are seems a little wierd and I doubt I could find these at RadioShack.
Okay, I'll take a look through :) Thanks for the link.

I suppose I could also ask Antec about their LEDs too, I wonder if they would reply?
If your talking about the especially small LEDs i know what your talking about. Ive seen LED's that size at places like Radio shack, but only in Red or greenM<==what the hell
So what I did (dont remember where I saw this but this wasnt my idea) I tooka standard LED and took a drill with a relativiely small drill bit. I then drilled a whole into the tip of the LED. As close to everything as possible. Then I took a old fibre optic fibre and put one end into the LED and the other into the case LED hole. It worked out alright. Not as good as I had hoped but nothing I can really do.
I guess there are less strenuous things you can attempt. Maybe you can enlarge the hole on the front of the case. If you do that you might want to check the clearance of the plastic piece on the front bezel.
Just got the same case only the white and had to switch all my led over. It was easy, once you have the front bezel look on the back side, you'll see where the connectors fit into the bezel. Just pull the white connector out and you'll see that the leds fit into the connector. All you have to do is pull the leds forward out of the connectors, no soldering involved. Take your new leds and just slip them in, you may have to trim the led leads down a tad (I did mine), just make sure you don't cut them too short.
Remember leds are polarity sensitive so you have to hook them up right or they won't work.

Oh yeah, I used 3mm leds, the blues I picked up at Frye's, but I've used the 5mm ones also with no problem and those I got at the Shack.
Nice, no soldering. So I can just pull the LEDs out of the white sockets? That's easy enough. Antec emailed me back and told me they use 1/2 inch LEDs on the case. Besides RadioShack, are there any online sites that sell LEDs for computer MODs especially? Appreciate the help :)
Hey sgt. york, what were the voltages for your LEDs? Mine as well get the info from you, since I don't want to take everything out again and test :confused:
1/2inch LED's? I think they are 3mm in the ANTEC cases. I have one and I'm almost positive that I replaced them with 3mm LEDs. 1/2 inch is fairly large, really large. I've seen themt hat big but I don't think that right size for the ones at the front of an ANTEC case.
Yeah, I think you're right in that 1/2" LEDs wouldn't work (in fact, I'm positive) without some serious modding. I believe what they were referring to was the length of the LED. 3mm sounds good...I'll have to see where I can pick some up since my local RadioShack doesn't carry any....then I've got to figure out a way to get rid of my current blue and white 5mm LEDs (brand new if anyone is interested).