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Changing the FSB on my AZ-11

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New Member
Mar 8, 2001
I have been trying to change my FSB from 100 to 133 Mhz on my mainboard. Unfortuanately, all my attempts have been in vain. First off, just setting the jumper prevents booting, as well as changing the bios speed settings manually, and combinations thereof. The wonderful utility from FIC that resides on the CD for setting speed meerly freezes the computer completely untill restart.

I have:
700Mhz Duron on AZ-11
128Mb PC 133 (increasing when cash flow increases)
SB Live!
ATI 16Mb Rage AGP
Unicom FEP-402-EP2 ethernet card (just a cheap piece of hardware so I can be on my school's network)
And I run Win2k (but I don't see that as being a problem... except in the minds of LINUX fanatics)
Did you set the dips for a lower multiplier on the board before you rebooted at 133 fsb? You may be overclocking it so high when you switch it, that it wont even post.
I also have a DURON 600 on a FIC AZ11 board. I can't get my FSB over about 107. I understand that this is a common problem with the KT133 chipset. I've heard that the KT133A soes much better. Also remember that the AZ11 was one of the very first boards for the socket "A" platform. There are no multiplier adjustments on this board. However there is an article on modifying the motherboard from July 2000 right here at OC.com;

Before anybody jumps on this, check it out, it is a modification for the "motherboard" that gives you dip switches for the multipliers. With this mod I would imagine that you could expect results in line with the other early KT133 boards.
Good Luck
Sorry fellas, I keep mixxing up the FIC AZ11 and the AZ11-e
Sorry but I have both a AZ 11 board and an AZ 11E board. FIC says on their tech page FORGET 133 FSB. Get the AD 11 board for that. You can clock multiply with the 11E board and both boards should be stable at 105fsb via the BIOS. With the drop in chip prices you may want to buy a faster chip. I haven't seen whether the TBird "C" chips (266Mhz) will run at a 133 on these boards. Good luck