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Chant: WEDO! WEDO!

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Senior Kitty Power!
Oct 31, 2001
Lost Angeles
w00r! Thanks for the kudos but I'd give it all up for 10,000 more points per day for our team. :D

I started folding in March of last year, making this trip to 100K a 14 month affair and I plan on getting to the next 100K marker much faster.

I have not yet begun to Fold!

Thanks again,

:edit: Checking date of 100K mark
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On a string I was held Senior
Jul 11, 2001
i live
truly impressive Wedo! we cant thank you enough for what you have done for the cause!



Shadow ÒÓ's after me!!!
Jan 13, 2002
Suisun City Ca. I love this Town
Audioaficionado said:
Congrats on the 100k :clap: :D :clap:

I just broke 1K and I'm not catching up :p

LOL thats a great line.

Congrates wedo:D fold/borge on brother. Ive just got into folding in a big way lately. I've added a little over 10g of folding power in the last week. and I will be adding at least 2 more gigs this weekend. Maybe 3 if the 1700b I just got is a good one:D I'll be talking to the owner of the company I work for next week and I'm going to ask as nicely as I can if I can borge his 25-30 pIII rigs. I sure hope so but I have my doubts.

Again congrates Wedo and no I'm not catching up either.