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Chassis fans @ 5000 rpm?

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Puer Aeternus

Sep 23, 2001
In your head (Ottawa.Canada)
Hey all, I broke my Volcano 7 fan and until I can get it fixed are there any 80mm fans that run over 2000 rpm.....I want to throw A fan on my Volcano7 H/S but I am not sure which one will fit and even less sure If i can find one in Ottawa. The local shops will gladly sell me a whole new Volcano 7 H/S/fan, but not the fan alone.
almost any fan i can think of runs at over 2000 rpm, so a generic one might work fine till u can think of something better, but be carefull and watch ur temps at first.
Thanks for the tip..my current chasis fan is running at about 2700 and my volcano 7 ran at about 2900 average. I would really like to know if a specific brand name makes 80mm fans at higher RPMs and if anyone can name them or point me to a site that makes em. I am pretty sure that a 80mm fits on the volcano 7.
I love that avatar of yours Puer Aeternus and if I knew how to read french then I would know the second part of your name.

Delta makes a 80 mm fan that spins more than 2900 rpms. I don't know an area around you that sells them but maybe another member from Canada can help out.

Update Delta Super high output fan 80 mm 80 cfm spins 5700 rpms.