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Cheap Auxillary Power Supply

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Oct 19, 2001
Greensboro, NC
I looked all over and didnt see anyone that had done this, so if you have posted it already, just ignore this. Have you got too many fans, lights, etc, etc in your case and need a way to supply extra power without buying a new PS? I have several fans and lights which I didn't want draining any extra power from my PS so I wouldn't stress it too much. I took an old AT power supply and made the followings mods to it. An AT power supply is cheap and easy to do this with as you can turn it on with the switch attached to it and not worry about the extra signals and all with an ATX. I just stuck some rubber feet on the bottom, removed all the leads that originally went to the MB connector and picked up some terminal strips at Radio Shack. I put a little faster turning fan in it than came with it for extra cooling. Just cut off one or 2 of the leads that went to a molex connector and attach them to the terminal strip. Bingo! You got 5 volt and 12 volt connections as many as you want to add for lights, fans, etc. Just make you a wiring harness to run to the interior of your comp or if you want to get fancy add some plugin connectors to the rear of your comp and terminate your inside items to it. Make you a plug from the external PS to plug to the back of your comp and you got yourself an independent power supply for all the extra case fans, lights and all. These things are a lot cheaper than buying a new high dollar power supply and will take a lot of the load off your present one. :beer:


Oct 16, 2002
East Coast
What do you think GURU's?

My existing case has a 300W power supply. I have a few old psu's laying around too. I think I might use one for my fans & lights. I now have 2 case fans & a Thermaltake A1138 hsf but I'm putting new cooling equipment in my case next week.

2 new Thermaltake Smart Fan II's, Variable speed [email protected]/[email protected] One for the top of the case and one on the CPU. and 2 Sunon 50 CFM case fans. one for the front intake and one for the rear exhaust. Planning to OC, do you GURU's think I should use additional power supply?

Shuttle Ak31 1.4 Tbird 768 2100 DDR ram
MSI GF3Ti200 Pro 64ram OC'd to 235/495 for now,
Maxtor 40Gig 7500 rpm hd drv
19" CTX monitor


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
Take a look at the Dual PSU how-to sticky on the front, and you'll get a few ideas on how to add an extra PSU.