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Tim the Toolman

Apr 20, 2001
Been here for about 2 weeks readn everything I can on overclocking. So my first mod on pcchips 798lmr got an extra 50mhz with a k62 500. When I built this system I didnt put in a fan but I run with my case off for convience...its a good thing I did I might have fried something... After overclocking I wanted to cool it down so I went To Walmart and bought a 5$ personal fan... made a scoop for the front and aim it at the processor my temp dropped (36.5 C to 29C ). Im sure there is a reason not to do this please enlighten me... Next I modify my video card on my gaming sys read about how hot s3 chip got I open the case to my gamemachine sure enough it was almost too hot to touch. Problem my sound card was right next to the agp slot NO air flow.... I took and old processor fan and screwed it into the heat sink now its not even warm playing URT for an hour :)) Why are the cards upside down makes me want to turn my tower upside down..... hmmmm
Well, as far as that fan there is nothing wrong with that as long as you can live with it. The Power supply that you want to add has to be a switchable one, (has a switch on the back to turn it on and off), but I am not sure if it still needs to be pluged into the mobo to turn on as I have not tried that, maybe someone else can enlighten us.
Sure, just putting a fan next to your open case helps, but it is not perfect, as there´s no real airflow, which takes hot air with it...
And it also doesn´t look too nice.. :)