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Cheap heatsink goop problem, need advice!

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New Member
May 3, 2001
I have an AMD 1000mhz Tbird, I had a cheap fan on the processor with one of those pink sticky goop pads. Needless to say, after 4 months I removed the heatsink from my processor to replace it and the chip itself is full of pink melted goop all over the place. It looks really really messy.

This can't be good can it? Its really hard to remove, it's like gum that has been sitting on a street on a hot summer day. Any advice on cleaning it off? Are the parts on top of the AMD chip fragile or should I just leave the goop on?

Thanks in advance!
Allright, I'm not a experienced AMD user nor have I ever used one, but let me tell you from an Intel user.

For the goop on the heatsink, its easy to clean it off, with a blunt knife, or just using your nails (Cut your nails off after your done, I had too). For the Chip, its is sensive indeed, I would highly recommend you use something alcohol. I used Alcohol Swabs (The ones you use before you use an injection, and NO I'm not a drugge either), rub SOFTLY on the core and you will see, little by little the goop will come off, use your fingernail for any thougher spots (use the alcohol swabs on your finger first), BUT remember dont just jab your nails at the core hard, after all think about it, unlike any external tools, you can control the pressure better with your nails than a knife any day. Plus nails always grow back

I'm sure someone else have a better solution, this is only from my experience when I had to remove the gunk from the CPU Celeron II Core from the gunk left behind by Intel's stock Heaksink pad.
you could leave it on the stuff dosnt do anything bad, but that is why you always take off the damn sticky pads on the heatsink!
I'd just use a hair dryer at the lowest setting to warm up the goop and wipe it off with a towel. Then I'd use some Q-tips and rubbing alcohol to finish it off.