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Cheap little SFF

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Dec 18, 2000
Went to Microcenter and bought a new mini ITX combo just for fun. Bought the following:

  1. Gigabyte B360N WiFi Mini ITX - $49.99 Open box
  2. Intel Celeron G4900 - $42.99
  3. Geil EVO Potenza DDR4-2400 2 x 4GB - $49.99
Total Cost $151.52 including VA sales tax.

Runs like a champ, WiFi is very fast, great for general purpose use and web surfing. I used an old 128GB M.2 Intel NVMe boot drive preloaded with Win 10 Pro from the parts drawer and a well used single-slot low-profile GT 730 2GB GDDR5 GPU to round out the system. Installed it in my old very compact Spire PowerCube 501 with Enermax 270W SFX PSU. Got out my hole saw and cut a hole in the top of the case to vent out heat, which has been an issue with previous builds in this case. Found and old fan grill and painted in black to match and covered the vent hole with it.

The open box motherboard was missing the antennas for the WiFi but I had some laying around from old PCI WiFi cards and just screwed them on. Looking for a cheap GT 1030 single-slot low profile 2GB GDDR5 GPU for a bit better performance than the old GT 730. Has to be a real single slot though, no fan shrouds can stick out beyond the single slot because the PSU is sitting right there. Removed the fan from the PSU to get it to fit, it doesn't need a fan anyway.


Nice little box!
I looked at the Microcenter SFFs for the same purpose. They have some good deals on refurb i5 3470 & 4570 SFF PCs with room for a low profile video card (single slot like you're looking to get). A friend gave me a little mITX with an i5 6600T, but the mobo doesn't have a PCIe 16 slot. The iGPU works great for Netflix & YouTube though.
Happy HTPC'ing with yours. :clap:

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Finally found an MSI GDDR5 Single-Slot, Low-Profile GT 1030 for $59 on Amazon. With a $50 gift card and some points from my Amex card the net cost was $3.02.
Found another $49 mini ITX motherboard and a $75 Pentium Gold G5500 to run in it. I have an empty Cooler Master 110 Elite mini ITX in the closet but no DDR4 at the moment.

  1. MSI B360i Gaming Pro AC Mini ITX - $49.99 Open box
  2. Intel Pentium G5500 - $75
Have you tried running cine r15? I'd like to see how she scores:D probably higher than my x58 supersize rig
The score will be very low as the Celeron G4900 only has 2 cores without any hyperthreading running at 3.1 GHz.
O, I didn't didn't know:D thought its equivalent of i5..
Still it'd be interesting to see how far it goes up. I cant break 1000, and it's a 6c12t, but very old!
The Pentium G5500 came in this morning. It's a 2 Core/4 Thread CPU running at 3.8 GHz.

The score is 408!
Updated configuration:

  1. MSI B360i Gaming Pro AC Mini ITX - $49.99 Open box
  2. Intel Pentium G5500 - $75
  3. Geil EVO Potenza DDR4-2400 2 x 4GB - $49.99
  4. MSI GT 1030 LP OC - $59.99