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cheap pelt

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Jan 5, 2002
i need an 80watt pelt, for experients, does anyone know were i can get one for cheap?, or maby have one that they would sell to me....

and it hasta be potted....
Since you are on the topic. How do you figure out what size pelt you need to use? What size psu you will need to run it?

im not puttin this on my cpu, but with an 80watt pelt i can run it on my extra 250watt psu...

but look at how many amps and volts it is... and chek your current psu or extras... or maby for the big pelts you need a special one..
maskedgeek, Sorry I don't have one that small available, but you can get a nice 80 watter (Ice-71 40mmx40mm) from www.tedist.com . It's $23 including quality potting. That's where I get mine from, and love the quality. You sure you want to skimp on the price?, your cpu may pay the difference man. (and then some) *edit* just saw it's not gonna be on the cpu...heh

f155mph, one of the reasons I buy from TE distributing is they have the specs listed for each unit. My 122 watter for example, will move 122 watts of heat. It will consume 12.4 amps at 15.9 volts, so that's 197.16 watts. (A x V = W)
So you're able to move 122 watts of heat with it, but you're adding 197 watts of the pelt's heat that has to be removed by the cooling system. Say the processor is only puting out 100 watts, that's almost 300 watts that the heatsink/waterblock has to be able to remove. That's why heatsinks can't usually hang with a pelt larger than 80 watts.

Hope this helps ya both...Have fun!
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Thanks!!! So how do you figure out how much heat the cpu put out. I got a P4 and stock voltage is at 1.5 What size pelt would I need. I got a h2o cooling right now.
You can try searching the cooling threads or software threads for a program called radiate. It's supposed to be a database of cpu wattages. Pay close attention to detail when you go to insulate that puppy!

I'm a little more adventurous, and just guess...someday I'll probably be wrong, and fry that sucka! I wouldn't suggest you follow my example.;)