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Cheap pumps

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Senior Member
Dec 30, 2000
New Jersey
If you have a strong enough power supply or an extra one, or I think a DC to AC converter, and need a cheap pump for your watercooler, checkout the sporting goods section of Kmart! I picked up a 460gph one for $13
wow...I could use that instead of my 110V AC Eheim pump. Well, how about the noise? Is it loud or quiet?
And do you have the specs of the pump? Manufacturer, model number, etc,etc?
Thanks for your info.
you need to consider the fact that if teh pump goes out ,your rig is prolly gonna toast! ,, I try to do crap as cheaap as possible, but I dont use crappy pumps or fans ,they are to important when overcklocking
Yeah I'd have to agree I'm a cheap ***, but when it comes to Watercooling my system I'm not sure If I'd wanna replace anything in my PC to save $20-30. I'm not saying they're not great Pumps. But I'd spend alittle more for a Quiet, Well Manufactured Pump. And Not all Expensive Pump's are Great either (well for what we use them for). But I'd Spend a good $50 to get a 700GPH, Quiet, Only 1 Moving Part. But that's just me
the ones I use are 120v continious duty 100,00 hr 90gpm submersible pond pumps ,there about 42$us , but even then ,I ve seen them go out inside a year :p
Well, I decided to keep my Eheim 1046 pump.
It's not a super strong pump...rated at only 80gph but it's almost noiseless and it's doing it's job. I might upgrade the pump to higher gph when I have enough budget.