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Cheap Sound Cards?

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Mar 9, 2001
I have a KT7a raid, new 300 watt PS,new pc 133 ram, fop 38, copper shim, arctic ll, new Radeon 64 ddr, 2 cheap HDD in stripped mode, cheap sound card, I 've been slowly upgrading everything!, my **** worked great OC @ 1330 ( its the AXIA) , at this speed for 3 weeks and slowly dying ever since, at first I thought it was the old graphics card , so I upgraded it and no , so I thought PS 250, well now its a 300 watt and NO GO, what it does is it hangs when I try to play a CD or get online, The speakers CRACK through out everything and then it hangs!!! Can a cheap sound card hang your whole system? I played around with different FSB/PCI speed ( pci to 32 or 33) no change. Or did I fry my new Tbird? , cause of my OC, I thought the OC on a 1 GHZ Tbird AXIA was way higher than 1330, I watched the temp's when I ran Prime 95 and I didn't think they were to high?

Everythings NEW , but the sound card and the HDD's,NIC and Modem
absolutely a cheap sound card can degrade your preformance.

never tried it, but give this a shot: Remove your sound card........then play a CD. I know you won't get the noise, but you'll be able to tell (hopefully) if your system bogs down or locks up. Not positive it'll work, but if it doesn't you could always try swapping sound cards with a friend for testing.

OC'ing is always limited by the weakest component, and from what you've said it sure sounds like a sound card bottle neck.
I just installed a Cheap sound card and now ima ina heapa crappola nic wont work if sound (mo bay) is enable in hardware if i remove it the nic everything is fine this seems like it could be a bios problem ive ttried about everything and im at wits end
that really sounds like an IRQ conflict. Try relocating the cards to different PCI slots. Possibly even switching the nic card with another card. May run fine then.