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check build and recommend m.2 drive of OS please

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May 6, 2008
So I am building a rig for a friend. Was trying to stay around $500, but I am pretty sure it will be closer to $600 after tax. Friend will get a microcenter CC to get 5% off entire purchase and then pay it all off. I am out of date with SSD's and why some are twice the price, yet seem about the same more or less? Only need a little 250-500GB NVMe for OS. A 1080 GPU from old build will be going with this. If prices for GPU's ever go down a new GPU will be acquired for 1440p gaming.

Assume all other needed parts are coming from old build. Friend definitely wants full ATX size mobo.

Proc: 5600x $ $279.99

Mobo: MSI B550 MAG Torpedo ATX $149.99

If mobo is out of stock then second option is: MSI B550 MPG Gaming Plus $149.99

3rd option: MIS MAG Tomahawk $169.99 ($10 rebate makes it $159.99)

RAM: Thinking the cheapest will be best for the $, but three options.

$61.99 3200 16-18-18-38

$65.99 3600 18-22-22-42

$79.99 3600 16-19-19-39

Mobo/proc bundle saves me $20. So after taxes, CC discount I am sitting at ~$492 . Still need M.2 for OS. Can't get much better for around $500 I think. Last time I went to microcenter they were out of half the stuff on the list because what is going on these days. I had to get more expensive ram and the two cheaper mobo's says 2 in stock and 1 in stock. So who knows.

Thank you.

pretty much any nvme will do and perform about the same , if you must have an nvme drive.
very basic rules of thumb for nvme drives, bigger is better, name brand is often the safer bet.
To me, after booting A sata ssd drive gives the same experience but nvme is more blingy.
get the 500 gig.
WD is fine, I run 2 1TB wd's in my game rig.

that opens to the duluth store, where are you?
Will you be putting this m.2 NVME in the i7-2600k rig in your sig? If so, better check the motherboard specs to see if it will work with a PCI-e bus m.2 as opposed to a SATA-based m.2. That's an old board from a time when there may not have been support for NVME/PCI-e drive technology.
And make sure it has TLC memory not QLC. And having a DRAM cache is good to have as well.

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