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Check out my setup and tell me what you thinK!!!!!!!

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Dec 24, 2000
CPU:1200 T-Bird (as far as i Know the 1300 is the same chipset and they are just price gouging about $80.)
Cooling:copper cold plate/156Watt peltier/Danger Den Copper maze/80Watt/Danger Den Copper Maze(Again)I'm using thier A socket plexi-vice too/ Fountain pumps -10 Gallon fish tank. {I'm worried about my water temp rising -i need a freezer coil or a small cheap mini (think freeze the antifreeze).. Any Ideas?}
Motherboard: A-Bit Kt7-raid
Video Card: ati 64meg Radeion
Hardrive: My 20.4 gig 7200rpm seagate
Soundcard: Sound Blaster Live- and (a tascam TDIF-1 interface card-soon)
Speakers: Promedia 2.1 Klipch
My 6X 32X DVD afrey
Mitsumi CD-4804te 4X4X24X -(Cheap Reliable ,supports clone CD and finishes before my brothers 8X)
327 megs of pc133
@home ("God damnit! the eathquake they say --- I have a consistent @1500 ping in counter strike!")
A few of the basics- you know, - Pretty fat rig huh? This the reality rig- what I can afford soo far. I also would like to get into quad - and dual processor rigs,,,for servers and remote compiling mabe in a few years... When they have like the Geforce 8. What it YOUR dream machine? Why?
I make maps and music-- www.mp3.com/zecatspajamas Listen to "crazy"

So you are stacking the peltier on top of one waterblock to cool it off while you're other one cools the 156Watt? Sounds like it could work. I would suggest an AC unit although it may cost more than a freezer; i think it will get the job done better. I have a freezer with my water and it will only keep the water cool for about 2 hrs. then it gets upto about 40C-45C. So you might want to try getting an AC window unit for the fish tank.

So your using TWO peltiers and TWO water blocks on your cpu? DUDE you are sick! lol