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Check out what i just got.......

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Mr. $T$

Sep 15, 2001
I made he choice to water cool my pc and I need some feed back on what I got and how it is going to work.

I ordered a few parts of danger den and outpost.com thay will be here tues and friday of this week.

Black ice standerd

3/8" fittings

120mm fan @ 100cfm

a 180gph underwater pump

Artic sliver III 3oz

Swiftech MCW372 Water block

So how does it look :cool:


Dec 14, 2001
Sounds pretty good to me. I've been thinking about watercooling a lot also and I've decided it will definitely be in my new rig which I will start in a few months. Let us know how it goes.


Feb 22, 2002
Looks good, although you might want a stronger pump depending on how much head room you have, (I think thats what its called anyway) Thats how high you have to pump the water. The higer its has to go through your various tubes, the more pressure you'll loose. In my case w/ about 1' of height, I found that about 300gph is best (I have an adjustible pump).
Did you order hoses and clamps with that?


Nov 1, 2001
New Iberia, LA
It looks pretty good to me, except that I would have gone with a higher gpm pump, mainly for the extra pressure it can also put out to fight head and restriction losses. BTW, you can figure the pressure drop due to height on water by multiplying the height that the pump has to push the water at it's highest point in feet by .43316 psi/ft.

Example: You have a pump that can put out 4 psi and the height from the highest to the lowest part of your cooling system is 1.5 feet.
1.5(feet) * .43316(psi/ft pressure loss of water)=0.64974 psi due to the height that you are pumping the water.

The numbers for pressure drop for water are correct: I've been doing this at my job for over 20 years.