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May 25, 2003
Irving, Tx
that looks like the other cheap $35 cases i saw on some site with just a different side door. but these didn't have power supplies. somone posted about i think......big cases or something


The Half Asleep Member
Aug 29, 2002
Lewiston Maine
It’s a done up SOHO dragon. The plain ones sell for $60-$80 most places. IMHO I think you would be better off just getting a plain one and adding a window door for an extra $15. Try www.directron.com and look under their cases you will find they have a large (very large) selection another place to look would be www.newegg.com the case is the same as the chemming / chenbro / antec / thermaltake / enermax / ect. There are 3 sizes of this type of case the SOHO, Mid-ATX, and the full tower they are all well built with plenty of free room the easiest way to tell them from the knock offs is the 3.5” bays have a lever arm on them (at the top of the caddy) that allows you to pull it right out and the 5.25” bays all use slide rails too. This is one of the most common Over Clocker cases for the above reasons and more.


May 18, 2003
They have x-pider and dragon cases at buyxtremegear.com.

Here's a link to the x-pider cases: x-pider

Someone recommended this in another thread, prices are decent and that person didn't have any trouble with purchase/delivery. No PSU, but you can probably add a decent one for less than what you were looking at.

*the x-pider comes with 4 led fans