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Feb 1, 2011
Republic of Texas
The missus had knee replacement surgery recently and the pic below is of an ice chiller to mitigate the swelling post-surgery. The provider doesn't want it back. It's apparently more costly to bleach off the cooties than to provide new ones to patients.

It has been used about 3-4 hours, tops. We have other, better methods here at the house for ice packing that have been working quite well.

I'm not that interested in re-inventing the wheel for more extreme cooling than an AIO or kit so I'm offering this to anyone that would like to play around with it. You pay the freight, will ship within the U.S. only. If interested we'll get into the weeds about the where and how via PM.

The second photo is a rattlesnake that I killed by the deck steps about a month ago: 4-1/2 ft, 9 rattles. No, not available for shipment with chiller. Chiller.jpg rattler.jpg
That's cool!

I had ACL surgery and bought a similar device (these things aren't cheap, btw). Mine wasn't a chiller as you say yours is, but had a cooler you add water and ice to and it circulates the water through a bladder (wrapped around my knee). Always wanted to do something with it....... but had the same thing with a bucket of ice water and a custom loop already, lol. :)
ED, you more properly described what I have. The bucket gets some water, ice, and flip the switch for circulation. Hoses seem to be pretty robust, may be useful for automotive repair if there's no need for a chip chiller.