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Chip set cooling

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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
I am curious if anyone has used a peliter on the north bridge chip,I have a 52 watt pelt and was thinking it would serve a good dose of cool to my kt133a north bridge,,,,

I have ran stable at 150fsb but felt I could use the 155 setting if it were cooled better,,SO any one out here do this,Also anyone have an opinion on the benifits or cons of doing this...{As I say colder is faster}
you shouldn't need to go to that extreme. A blorb is typically enough, if you are really concerned get an old pentium heatsink and use it.
I have the pelt and will instal it with some guidence from other members,,I have never delt with pelts and am willing to give it a run.So post some tips for powering it and sealing my motherboard from the moisture,,,,
cookedcomp (Aug 02, 2001 01:59 p.m.):
there was something on the front page about this before! it was a watercooled northbridge and this guy obtained 170 FSB or something like that.

right a watercooled northbridge is one thing, now a watercooled one with a pelt is another