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Chipset and GPU waterblocks

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Jun 21, 2001
I am going to order my stuff from dangerden soon, i am going for the maze 2-2 with two 176 watt pelts. I also want to cool my chipset and gpu with the blocks. i have two questions;
1) How do i attach the blocks to the GPU and the chipset - will artic silver thermal epoxy do it?
2)Im going to order the largest pump, is it ok to "daisy chain" the blocks together with the hose, or use T Junctions - or will i lose a lot of cooling power on my cpu?
Also has ne one ever tried sticking one of the Cooling Cube in the freezer instead of using fans?, cause thats wot im gonna try to cool the water down faster and better.
Thanks for that, very helpful. Im now off to drill two holes in my fridge :)
You should be able to attach the waterblocks using a home made clip arrangement that bolts through the standard HS retaining holes in the pcb. Artic Silver epoxy would be fine but is a little 'permanent'.
I would expect that you will still need a fan even if your rad is in a freezer, and you will need a very powerfull freezer to handle the 500+W of heat two 172W peltiers plus a Tbird will give off.
You should be able to run the gfx and chip-set blocks in series but the maze would need to be in parellel otherwise you will get too much flow restriction.
By the way what do you plan to use to power those pelts, you must have one beast of a power supply (24V / 25A ?)
First off Im pretty sure the freezer isnt going to handle that kind of heat. Im also positive 1 danger den cube isnt going to dispers that kind of heat. I hope you havent drilled any holes yet.
to power the pelts i was looking at getting two of these "Power One" (link below) there 24v @ 15A, these should be fine, one for each pelt. ne thoughts?

i was thinking off using two cubes, surely, putting them in a freezer with a fan will be better than haveing them sit in my case???
How are you going to get the heat out of the freezer?

The PSUs you mentioned will work. You may want to use the trimmer to drop the voltage a bit. 19 volts seems to be the sweet spot for the 172 watt pelt.
Get the heat out?? i asumed that the freezer would get rid of the heat for me :)
Egg (Jun 22, 2001 03:26 a.m.):
Get the heat out?? i asumed that the freezer would get rid of the heat for me :)

well the problem is that a freezer will not be able to cool faster than the computer is heating everything up. They cool things down well, but once the object is cool, it remains cool, it doesn't keep producing heat. I like putting a hot dish in the fridge, it heats the whole thing up for a while. now thing if you had that hot dish in there and it never got cooler.
And I don't think you can cool the two 172 Watt pelts with a Cube.
hmm not even dual cube? what rad am i looking for then?

i see yout point about the freezer tho.
how about modifying a fridge so it can air condition my case :)