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Chipset cooling and blue orb

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Apr 17, 2001
This is a dumb question, but I am kinda new at this stuff. Anyway, I have an Asus mobo with an Intel 815ep chipset and was thinking of putting a blue orb on it. Right now, there is a green heatsink on the chipset. I wanted to know how to take this off. The 2 white pins holding it in seem to be on springs or something. Do i just pull them out? Do I have to take off the motherboard from the case? thanks
You will probably have to take the mobo out. Then just squeze the back of the pins and they will pull right out.
you have to be careful taking them out some recomend that you use something to push the pins out from the backside but if whatever your pushing with slips you can ruin the MB some say using neddle nose or dykes and cutting the knobs on the backside off I pushed on the back with my thumb and pulled on the other side and moved the greenie back and forth until they pulled out this way i can still re use the nylon pins for warranty reasons if your going to use a borb do the copper plate trick that was in the headlines from yesterday or the day before i stll prefere to get another HSF and cut it down to size when done there 5 times the size of a borb and do a much better job at cooling orbs suck at cooling and to me the borb is the same the only reason the borb has made it around here is they look cute and they do work better then the greenie but my cut down ones work better and there cheaper. ive done the same for my GF2mx32 and i'm glad i did