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Mar 16, 2002
I'm doing some pelt-style watercooling with my new overclock project (last one was a [email protected] early '98) and I can't figure out what direction I should go with processor (XP1600/1.6A?) If an intel board is the way to go, which chipset/board? I've heard people talk about how great the P4X266A chipset is, but all the boards I've seen for it aren't exactly known to me as OC boards. Is the Intel system going to be worth the extra $75? I'd like a board with RAID and either Firewire or USB2.0, and obviously I don't like to upgrade very often, so it needs to stick around. Help me out fellas, I haven't kept up on the hardware like I should of, and I've got $$$$ BURNING in my pocket.....

Hi, and welcome to the forums.

For overclocking I would choose an AMD AthlonXP - they generally have a better price/performance ratio compared to Pentium 4s. Unfortunately they also run hotter.

For overclocking AMD CPUs I would suggest a KT266A or KT333 based motherboard - the Epox 8KHA+ is known to be an excellent overclocker. Make sure you have a good branded PSU, at least 350W but more is always better.

Hope this helps - see the relevant forums for advice on buying AMD CPUs and Motherboards.
I guess that's what I need to know....assuming the cooling system is the same (which it will be) will I be able to overclock the P4 high enough to outperform the XP1600? I read some reviews on the Epox boards, does the 8K3A have the PCI/AGP divider lock, or is that on the intel boards only? Another thing making me edgy about an AMD solution is the Tbred situation. From what I've read no one knows if the KT333 boards will work for AMD's next gen CPU's...at least the intel will be good through Northwood, right? Thanks for any help, anyone.


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