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CHKDSK...Can't get it to run!!!

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May 3, 2002
Ok guys I'm having this problem. I'm pulling my hair out over it!
Last night we had a power outage and the pc shut down, so I ran norton disc doctor with 'fix errors' unchecked. It said there were errors so I set it up to run CHKDSK on the next boot. I've read the MS and symantec articals on performing a clean boot when running CHKDSK and I've done this. I have booted over and over and I can't get it to run!
Any Ideas? Any one else have this problem with XP?
It's done this before, but after several trys it would work. Not this time!:(

PS....I know I need a battery backup.:eek:
i am slightly confused here, what do you mean "can't get it to run" chkdks wouldn't work for you if you are running XP, you have to run scandisk, chkdsk will only show you general info about your drive but won't check the drive and will tell you to use scandisk
CHKDSK is on xp...click my computer, rt click on your drive and select properties then select tools. Then select error-checking....this is CHKDSK. If you select fix errors then the program runs on the next boot. Scandisk is different...it has to do with the windows files protection system and checks your systems files against the files on the cd or where you have a copy saved (and updated?).
Anyway I got it to run....had to uninstall the Hi-Point drivers and use the MS drivers (from sp1) for my raid.:)
I tested This MS drivers after and they don't seem to be any slower than the Hi-point drivers.:D
do you mean system file checker? in winn 2000 it must be run from command promt,ex. sfc /scanonce,,sfc /scannow.if you check help and type system file checker click on the run system file checker,it has the promts and switches listed.it will ask for the disc to overwrite corrupt files.i had used this alot before updating my via ide drivers to ms's.

you should check out the highpoint 2.34 drivers my raid 0 scored 37543 in sandra topping all listed scores.