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Choose a memory for laptop

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Jun 22, 2020
Which One Is Better: Shark NV356E vs NV360 vs NV370?

In the current market, Shark is one of the most famous vacuum manufacturers. Although it has produced several different shark navigator lift away deluxe machines, the NV356E vs NV360 vs NV370 are noticeable products. They have similar features, but these models still different from some aspects. Let's check below:

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The Shark NV356E

The Shark NV356E is a navigator lift-away dlx vacuum cleaner, which allows you to take out the canister. This detached canister is used to clean hard-to-reach spaces or areas in high positions.

But, how to release the main canister and lift it away?

Simply press a small button.

With 13.7 pounds, you can easily control, use, and move this machine. Combining the lift-away mechanism and the lightweight feature brings the maximum convenience to clean any space and place around your house.

Can you see the Shark NV356E cleaner head at the bottom? This brushroll brings 2 outstanding features:

It can clean the carpet deeply. Not any lift-away vacuum cleaner has this function, but the Shark NV356E can efficiently perform this task. Besides, this machine is gentle enough to work well on a hard surface.

The Shark NV356E is a cheap and functional vacuum cleaner.


The Shark NV360

The Shark NV360 is an upright vacuum. It is similar to the Shark NV356E, but this model comes with some improvement.

The total weight of the shark navigator lift away deluxe NV360 3PEkWqr.gif is 12.5 pounds. But, if you need a more lightweight machine, you can lift-away the 7.5-pound canister to clean the difficult-to-reach areas.

What's more, please forget forcing your cleaner into the hard-to-swivel positions to fit through them. This machine features a Swivel Steering. It means that the vacuum cleaner will swivel the head around your pieces of furniture to move easier.

The cleaning ability of Shark NV360 is similar to the Shark NV356E. Here is the detailed information:

This vacuum cleaner is designed to clean both carpets and hard floors. Thus, no matter where you will use this machine, it can help you remove all dirt and dust.

Here is a lighter and more mobile vacuum cleaner.

The Shark NV370


Compared to other vacuum cleaners, the Shark NV370 has all of the outstanding features of the Shark NV356E and the Shark NV360 as follows:

  • The swivel steering
  • The lift-away mechanism
  • The great cleaner head
  • The excellent brushroll
Is there anything new?

Yes, this vacuum cleaner comes with some useful accessories: an 8-inch crevice tool for cleaning dirt and dust in small and tight areas, a pet brush for cleaning up pet hair, a dusting brush for removing the dust-caked onto some particular areas.

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In case you need a model with more functionality, the Shark NV370 should be your choice.

Among Shark NV356E vs NV360 vs NV370, the Shark NV356E has all essential features at a low price, and the Shark NV370 comes with more functionality at the highest price. However, I strongly recommend you pick up the shark navigator lift-away deluxe nv360 because it has enough features and functions to perform most cleaning tasks at a reasonable price.
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I'm looking for a 16GB module, and the laptop allows me to do this
it has a free slot
laptop Asus VivoBook Pro N705UD-EH76
What memory module do I need to supply, manufacturer, voltage?

Spec sheet says DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM, 16GB maximum. Usually you want dual channel, so 2 x 8GB DDR4-2400 SO-DIMM. Look at the SO-DIMM in the laptop now and order a matching one since it likely came with a single 8GB SO-DIMM..
The laptop you are talking about already has 16 GB RAM, says CNET.
How do you then intend to get 16 GB RAM for the laptop?
It already has 2X8 GB RAM.

The key that I found from ASUS is that this laptop takes "up to" 16 GB. If you already have 2x8GB then you already have the max this machine will take.


"GB DDR4 2400MHz SDRAM, total up to 16 GB SDRAM" which means that each slot can only take 8GB max times two. A single 16 GB stick will not work unless the manufacturer has an update that allows it but I would be doubtfull.

You want DDR4 that matches the RAM that is already installed which would be 2400MHz. I would use some form of software that can give you the current CAS timings for the RAM already in the machine and then get a 8GB stick that matches.

For clarity: My recent experience tells me that the 1st 8GB of RAM is integrated onto the MB thus not something that you can remove and/or replace. Using a software would tell you the specs of the current RAM which you want to match with the new RAM. Even if the RAM is actually removeable, you probably cannot use OC RAM speeds so I would plan to stay with the spec that the system came with.
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