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Classic Example of Failed Capacitors

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Senior Member
Dec 27, 2008
Pulled this from a customer's socket 777 PC that would not finish booting. Swapped out RAM, PSU and hard drive to no avail. I told the customer that I believed his motherboard had gone bad as I had swapped out everything but the board and the CPU and that CPUs seldom go bad. Looks like my analysis was confirmed. I discounted my labor charge to the customer since he gave the computer for salvage and decided to buy a new one. As I was dismantling it I found these failed caps as soon as I removed the HSF. They were obscured from view before that.


  • Bad Caps.PNG
    Bad Caps.PNG
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What have I done! Member
May 17, 2005
Looks like every optiplex gx270 my company bought many, many years ago. I was able to retire the last one about 1 1/2 years ago.


Premium Member
Dec 6, 2010
You can revive those MB by replacing the bad caps, go here to http://www.BadCaps.net/. And if they don't have the cap you need, goto DigiKey.com and look up the parts there, as long as the cap is the only thing that blew, you can get that MB working like new again. (p.s. be a good idea to replace all can caps if 1 or more went bad)


Jan 1, 2017
Oh I got a 478 board at home I need to take a picture for this thread lol

Crazy thing still works great, but it's got one LEAKING and one puffed up cap


Oct 28, 2017
Thank you for sharing.
I will look mine over just in case.
Any idea why they fail? Heavy oc? Old age? Mediicr quality?


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
All of the above.

Not surprised... it (was) 2016 and that looks to be a cheap arse budget board (3 phase, no heatsinks) from several years ago. Most of the caps today on any decent board are solid caps and don't show this behavior.

Good info for those who don't know what bad caps look like on ancient boards. :)