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Clean up your sigs or they're history

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Jun 17, 2001
right behind you...
Those aren't my words, but that's the new policy, in essence. This thread highlights the details.

I've not seen many of our fellow members with sigs over the limit, but thought it might be useful to let everyone (who doesn't visit GD) know.
Bout time - and I'd like to see some of those highly animated avatars go too. I'm not lacking on computing power here, but I use my laptop to browse most of the time since it's wireless. It doesn't handle the super animated avatars too well - causes the screen to hang and move in a choppy fashion while scrolling through threads. It's very annoying to be scrolling down and then all of the sudden it hangs, and then resumes after skipping 5 posts.
I would agree that the animated avatars do more to bog things down than the ultra big sigs but each contributes to the problem.

From what I am seeing I wonder why they did not limit it to something like 5 points...10 still allows some really huge sigs...not that I care much either way.

EDIT: I have no idea how my sig scores and I don't want to take the time to score it but I doubt it is to large. ;)

One thing at a time, av sizes were cut by 100k, from 200 to 100. We are working a little bit at a time to get this site back to it's roots and bring the members back to knowing why we all started hanging out here in the first place.

Little by little things are improving, always keep in mind the staff is open to suggestions feel free to e-mail them to any of the staff and they will be discussed. Thanks for being here and making this place what it is guys.

Sometimes when I browse threw the pages, it gets too choppy because there are like 20 animated avatars on a page! Even if your sig isn't long, let's just cut some stuff anyways!

killem1x1 said:
Is mine to long?

I found that making it one font, and one type of font (regular, bold, italic) make it look nicer and make them all stick out!

Other than that your size looks great.