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Cleaning and cooling

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Feb 3, 2001
What is the best way to get rid of the thermal pad that comes on a heatsink?I tried scraping it off but it was nearly impossible to get rid of it all without using something abrasive.Does white spirit work?

Also, I have a geforce mx without a fan,can I just glue any fan onto the heatsink?Do I need to use something like the Arctic silver adhesive?What is the best size fan for the job as the heatsink is very wide?(Elsa Gladiac mx)

Thx in advance.
For the thermal pad, scrape it off with a razor, and then lap the HSF.

As for the video card, I dunno. I havent got one of these.
If you use a scowerer and some nail polish remover it should come off real easy, as for the fan you don't need to use artic silver just to glue a fan to a heatsink try screwing it to it, the screws grip inbetween the fins, if the fan is to big to screw in ther it won't be much use as not enough of the air will be directed onto the heatsink