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Cleaning CPU

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If u get AS on the cpu its hard to get off. Only using rubbing alchohol didn't work very well for me. Anybody know something that cleans better?
when i was unlocking my cpu, i put tape down to mask the bridges, and now it is really clean around that area. perhaps using scotch tape to pull up the AS will work,,,
I'm with Iron Hawk.

I use electrical tape to 'peel' the AS film off. The gooey adhesive even gets down into the pores of the ceramic thunderbirds and lifts the silver particles right out of there. It'll take a little bit of tape but it works better than anything I've seen before.
i have used goof off, lighter fluid, and nail polish remover
to get AS and thermal pads off. they all worked fine with
a bit of scrubbing.
I use acetone (nail polish remover) on a cutip. Beware: some nail polish removers are not acetone.

Don't flood your CPU with it either. I've heard it can dissolve bits of the CPU but I've never seen it happen.

Clean it off with alcohol when you're finished.
How come nobody has said eraser yet? To clean AS off of the ceramic part of the cpu, use a regular old eraser off of a pencil. It does wonders, really. I utterly destroyed my cpu with AS2 when I first got it. acetone on the core and an eraser on the rest cleaned it up perfectly.