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Cleaning out old drivers???

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Jan 23, 2001
I know how and what to look for in the registry to remove voodoo drivers but anybody know what I need to look for to remove the asus drivers for my asus 7700 Gforce2 pro?It does have a remove drivers in the add\remove progs but dont I still need to clean the reg? win98se
Problem with doing that is I have an asus cusl2-c mobo sorry I didnt post specs.I dont want to delete something thats needed.
asus cusl2-c mobo
256megs crusial cas2
IBM 30gig ata100
asus v7700 pro pure 64meg
sb 512
sony 48x cdrom
There are various registry cleaning programs. I have systemsuite 3.0, and it works pretty well. Any time I make any major changes, I run through and clean out the registry. It really doesn't take that long, and it does make a difference. It's also nice to get that old crap out. Sometimes you have to run the cleaner a few times, but it will remove those old entries.
I need to say STOP!!!

When you install your new drivers, the old associations will be severed... I would not be concerning with toying in the registry if it isn't needed. This is contrary to some beliefs, but this is merely factual... if you REALLY need the registry clean, keep a good image with Norton Ghost (using a VGA driver/adapter), and reimage the machine. You may end up making a mistake that will cause you to reinstall anyway.

At least this is how I do it and I've gone through numerous video cards in the past 3 months.
well... i've got the V3 2k, and i tried to remove it, and it did a microsoft move on me.

Sorry, you cant remove our $hit, we now control your whole damned PC.
What did i do?
Quickformatted and teached the thing a god-damn lesson, which i am inclined to do OFTEN! =) lol

But, i dont wanna have to keep doing this, so tell me how to remove it please