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clearflex60 vs. silicon vs. tygon

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Oct 4, 2001
watch out, i run new jerzzz
someone wanna summerize the differences real quick for me?

i got silicon right now, but i am changing my block soon, so i was wondering if i should change my tubing too.

also, dangerden says they are gonna have waterblocks that mount on the socket tabs soon (like normal heatsinks im assuming) is this gonna be a good idea, or is it not gonna be a tight enough fit?

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clearflex is ALMOST as good as tygon 3603 and silicone is a little behind for the most part
ClearFLEX 70 is really hard from what I hear, so ClearFLEX 60 and I imagine that Silicon might be a bit softer. :)
Yeah, clearfle70 is almost vinyl and clearflex60 is almost tygon. The numbers represent the durometer (hardness) of the clearflex. Tygon is like 55-57 durometer. I don't know what silicon's durometer is, but I know it's softer than vinyl so I'd guess not much over 60.

Basically if you got silicon don't bother upgrading unless your current tubing is somehow busted or old as hell.

Why are people so picky. Tygon is the best stuff I've seen, but is expensive though......

But then again im sure we can find some better for more $$$$

So thats what it comes down to. If your a cheapskate - go to homedepot and get some vinyl for $0.07 a foot ;)
If you put quality over the size of your bank acount then tygon by all means......but then theres like 50 kinds of tygon at various prices and specs. :D

I dont recommend Silicone if you run any additives in your water, and I cant comment on clearflex - haven't had a chance to check it out yet.
Yeah. if you have the money go with Tygon. I've never used the Clearflex, but I have used vinyl of different sorts, silicon, some sort of urathane stuff, and Tygon. Tygon by far is the best tubing I have ever used.
So what the hell. I thought clearflex 70 was BETTER than clearflex 60. Booooo. I wanted soft hose. This stuff is hard (but very bendable).

And don't rip on me becuase I spelled vinyl wrong. jerk.
A tough guy, eh?

Heheh, anyways reviews of Clearflex60 say it's just as good as Tygon. Tygon 3630 has a durometer of 57 and Clearflex 60 has a durometer of 60, almost equal.

There are tygon formulations down to 40 durometer, that'd be crazy. Almost too soft, it would just collapse or something.

Those tygon formulations at durometer 40 are used in peristalic pumps... where it pumps by collapsing the tube with a roller and rolling it along the tube.

You won't get many GPH out of that type of pump, though.
Depends how much you're willing to spend on them... I've seen 'em big enough to pump around 50gpm using 2 1/2" tubing. Also, they have the advantage of being positive displacement (though they're not cheap).
DO upgrade to ClearFlex or Tygon, if for no other reason than being able to see through it. Once I got my tygon I couldn't believe I ever put up with that milky silicone junk...