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Clearing ESCD???

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Mar 10, 2002
How do you clear the ESCD on an ABIT BE6-II? I have removed the battery and cleared CMOS using the jumper and my machine stills hangs at "UPDATING ESCD". The only time it passes this point is if my HD ribbon cable is plugged into the HD the wrong way. What is up??? I have tried two different HDs. This system was working fine just days ago. I now only have the video card, cpu, ram in the MB. Any suggestions?

update to the problem. I have gotten the machine to boot up passed the updating ESCD by installing an old ISA sound card in the MB. The sound card has an PnP enable jumper on it. Only when the this jumper is installed will the machine get passed updating ESCD. Now how do I get the machine to boot up without the ISA sound card installed?

I have enabled force ESCD update in CMOS with and without PNP OS enable. How long should it take to update the ESCD? Will flashing the bios clear the ESCD? Thank you for your help.

This is beginning to sound like an operating system problem. You might have to reformat the harddrive and do a fresh Windows install.
I have reformated my HD. I do think I have found the problem. My AWARD BIOS chip is going bad. I tried flashing it and it could not rewrite several areas and then it just stopped. Do you know where I can get a new one? Thanks again for the help.