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clone partition to separate drive

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Sep 15, 2015
Pensacola, Fl
I've got ubuntu 14.04 & windows 7 on an ssd, and a spinner with dedicated partitions for them and network storage. Win7 has become my work profile, I hate the way my company rolls out programs. The way they utilize the drive. The lack of customization on how programs get installed, or where, or anything! Bottom line, I want this partition off by main drive. Could this be as simple as "dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdc" and running windows repair? Windows is the first partition in the scheme, so does it matter what port these drives are plugged into on the mobo? That effects device assignment, right? So should I plug the new drive into the original port, and my main drive into the second? Advice, suggestions, links, would be greatly appreciated!

I want to:
1:Clone win7 partition(/dev/sda) to new ssd and expand it to take up the whole drive.
2:Expand ubuntu(/dev/sdb) to take up entire original drive.
3a:Have it boot up as if nothing has changed.
3b:Have the process be as painless as possible ;)
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Overclockix Snake Charming Senior, Alt OS Content
Jan 24, 2006
Ontario Canada
I would suggest clonezilla for migrating the windows partition. I have less experience with Windows though, I understand that drive manufacturers often provide utilities that help with migration of windows from one drive to another

After you have migrated Windows, its a matter of expanding your partition, and running the grub update stuff again, part-probe should detect the Windows drive and adjust the bootloader as required