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Close Combat anyone?

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i have played both "a bridge too far" (a friend has it) and "the russian front" (i own it) and i must say they are very good games if you are in to real time war strategy. best strategy games i've played and pretty realistic too. its very hard to win a losing battle, too.

Yeah, thats why I liek the game. More realistic than any Command & Conquer or Starcraft. I like it, I just wish that I had started to play it sooner.
I play ABTF every once in a while. I like the game a lot, especially becaue of its unique nature.

Heres a little war story. My friend and I were playing on one of the polish LZ maps. I thought I would lose, so I requesitioned 6 Mark IV tanks ( I think thats what I used). I lined them all up along the north side of the map, hoping to pick off any 17 pounders or AT guns that might be out there.

As the battle started, I lost 2 tanks quickly, but managed to subdue the AT gun that had taken them out. I spread out my tanks, knowing that the allied troops would be moving toward the buildings on the map, hoping to take out the bazooka teams on the move.

Instead what I found was a sniper in the bombed out building in the field, a stewart light tank, and an achillies II. They didn't last long! Especially the sniper :D

Anywho, on to the good part. I had all but given up trying to controll the buildings, as I knew my friend had at least 3 bazooka teams (3 vehicles destroyed, 3 support units left). So I camped it out for a bit, wasting ammo at the buildings where I thought bazooka teams might be.

I decided, with 4 tanks left, that I would advance on one building using supression fire from half my tanks, while moving up the rest. Thankfully, the building that housed the bazooka team did not have very good LOS. I proceded to surround the building. As I am firing away, thinking that I had shred the team to bits by throwing a thousand rounds or so of machine gun fire, I backed off a bit. Too my horror, a bazooka like smoke came from the building!! A miss! Phew, dodged a bullet there. Then another shot, and a miss. I was beginning to knock off 2 of my tanks 9 lives. Againt another bazooka shot! Arg, for sure he would have hit me by now?? I was only 20-40m away! Again, another shot! 4 misses!

By now my friend was in complete disbelief as the bazooka team missed from point blank 4 times! Amazing!

But the second meeting was not so fortunate. I lost 1 tank to a bazooka, 2 because I accidentally ordered them off the map!

But as the battle came to a close, my ammunition nearly depleted, a part from the clouds, er I mean, a lucky break occured. The last remaining bazooka team had been in panic for some time now, slipping in and out of usefulness. The team decided it could make a break for it across the LZ. Unfortunately for him, a pair of mg34 and their operators though otherwise.

Game, Set, Match.

So moral of the story is: When you are playing ABTF, and you are an allied commander, make sure to get experienced bazooka operators!

P.S.- Sorry about the long post, but as Mike Lange would say, You'd have to be here to believe it!
Thats quite alright even if it was a long post. That must have been one heck of a battle. I wish that more people were out there that played this game so that we could get some really good multiplayer games.
I'll say it was some battle! Was on/off the edge of my seat for some time while that was happening!