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Closeness of Rage Fury Pro VIVO & All In Wonder 128

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Give me a break Senior
Jul 12, 2001
I've got a ATI Rage Fury Pro VIVO 32mb AGPX4 card. Wanting to keep as close to leading edge as possible I went to ATI's site and downloaded their latest drivers and MultiMediaCenter. I installed the drivers ok but had problems with the MMC. It used to be one package but recently ATI split the DVD portion away from the rest of the suite. I couldn't install the DVD portion of the upgrade so I went back to my previous MMC and drivers(just to play the safety compatibility wise). Before I went back to the old drivers I noticed that my Rage Fury Pro card was now being detected as an ATI All In Wonder 128 which is also a 32mb, AGPX4 VIVO card. ATI has recently assured me that their latest solution will solve my installation problems for the DVD portion of the MMC (the first solution they offered was useless). What I'm wondering is if I install the new MMC with DVD and put in the latest driver to try to maintain continuity and then the system detects my Fury Pro card as an All In Wonder would that be a problem? Is there really a difference between the two? Both are 32mb, AGPX4, have video in and video out, and use the Rage 128 chipset. Does it matter at all wether my system thinks I'm now using an All In Wonder even though I've got the Rage Fury Pro or are they different in name only? When I realized I couldn't install the DVD stuff before I didn't leave the rest installed long enough to test. What do you all think?
I have a RageFuryProVIVO on one of my PCs. It uses the same GPU as the All in Wonder 128. Therefore, the driver should be OK, but I would feel uncomfortable using drivers for the AIW, since there are tons of bells and whistles in the AIW, (and therefore the driver) that the RageFuryPro does not have. Too much room for problems, but thats just me. This card has been tempermental for me, and I've got mine working so I won't touch it unless I have to.

Best of luck.