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CM Aquagate WC unit- modding ideas

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Apr 30, 2004
i was thinking about getting this unit, i know the performance is not that great, but the unit looks so nice, has cool features and lcd panel. i was thinking it wouldn't be too hard to replace the pump with a stronger one, and convert to 1/2 id tubing all around with a new waterblock and two high CFM fans


looks like 1/2" id tubing on the inside, then 3/8" after the no spill tap.
any opinions?
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Jan 5, 2002
Dont expect to gain much by going to 1/2" tubing, and that pump in there looks pretty small, the only pump I could think of that might possibly fit in there is the c-systems pump wich may be available at d-tek next week. but they will probably sell out really fast.



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Jul 4, 2004
Sydney - Australia
Yea I've been looking at that pic as well amongst the others on review sites and was thinking about what could be done. But not to that extent...I was thinking more of just squeezing a fan in the other side of the rad, blowing the same direction as the front fan, and attach a 60mm fan on the outside at that grill spot, at the rear of chassis...just in attempt to increase airflow, knocking a couple of degree's off. Maybe pop the front mesh off and see wat happens??