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cold water + cold air = bad temps

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Mar 8, 2002
Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Hi friends, i am using a tc4 with springs, dtek heatercore + shourd + 515 gph pump. My temps idle is 42 (thermistor) with cold water 23 C and cold air temp 20 C.I think 2 possibilities:
1 wb, but i settle again and with pressure in springs.
2 oumo maybe i am getting low flowrates.
when i unplug the fan the temp and the water temp rise very slowly almost 6 hours.
what do you think ?
yea i get the same too, im using a thermister temp probe behind the processor and think its because since there is not air circulation behind there so it heats up. I think the core temp will be lower though.
That is a pretty wide range. I see you are using a probe to measure the cpu temp, what are you using to measure the water and air temps?

Also, is there anyway you could give us MB5 temps. I know the program isn't as acurate, but I'm just wondering if the spread is large is using that too.
yes now after this step the temp dropped 12 C. idlle 30 C and full 35 c. Should i use a probe to get the real temp like the diode?
sorry slip this temps are based in mbm5, and i do have a thermometer reading the external temps, like the water, too.
i will buy a compunurse.