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Combined water/oil cooling idea

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Feb 14, 2002
Just throwing an idea I had out into the open. Treat it as you like, and feel free to criticise.

I'm not gonna make something like this (at least not as this moment), as my main priority right now is to build a working (hopefully) watercooling system :)

It's not to scale, was just trying to show the main idea
Hmm, could perhaps cut out the oilblock on the CPU and replace it with the oil/water block? The beta version included an oil radiator cooled by fans, but then I thought that it wouldn't benefit much since the oil is at lower temp than ambient air, right?

It's funny at times. When you get an idea you thought was brilliant when you first came up with it, but then looks less and less smart the more you look at it :)
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I don't fully understand... Is that a drawing of a sealed case filled with non-conductive oil, then cooled by chilled water?!?

Beside the mess factor sounds interesting...
Yes, that's non-conductive oil and chilled water.

Put the motherboard upside down so the PCI cards won't collect water from condensation, and to make it easier to add/remove PCI cards. And since warm fluid tends to rise, it would keep the CPU/Chipset near the bottom where the coolest fluid is.
i can see the pics fine, try reloading?

very interesting idea, i too was thinking of something
simular to this, filling up the whole case with some
no conductive liquid.

has anyone ever done seomthing like that?