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Comcast Internet

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Nov 23, 2001
I know there is a patch that people say they use that increases their d/l speed. Does this patch work with the new comcast.net rather than the old @home? Or are there any new tweaks specifically for comcast.net??
no. tweaking (whether it's registery or patch or software, etc.) wouldn't work!

simply b/c comcast had set their cap!! :mad:

means they limited each of their customers' max connection speed! nothing we could do!

when i was w/ @Home, w/ the tweak (software), i could get up to 3MB down(!) after midnight!! but now, no matter what i do, i still get just 'bout 1MB down......:mad:
totally agree!! no matter what, it's still much much better than dailup.....

and nowadays, it isn't easy to find any cable company that isn't limiting the cap..... heard a few, but no in my area.....
same here was close to 3M now 1m -800K
DLs really suck now, went from sometimes great speeds with at home to not good with comcast, no matter what or where or when I DL my DL speed winds right down to 144 kb and stays there or lower, where before , depending on the site, time of day I could go as high as 460 kb

I asked comcast about it and they denied any change, refused to acknowldge any slowdown from at home and told me it was my end and I could have a tech come out(for a fee), I offered to pay for faster service and again they had none to offer and refused to acknowldge any dif, from before change over

kinda sucks now but way better then 56K

thinking on DSL premimum
I'm getting between 1-1.3 Mb/s with comcast. True it is not close to as fast as it used to be( about 3 Mb/s for me) but its still fast and still about 20-25 times faster than 56k. I hope it gets better but if it doesn't it won't be the end of the world. Kingslayer have your speeds gone down since after the switch to comcast or have they been like this since the switch occured?
what software do you guys use to "tweak" your dsl/cable....i got dsl and i only hit about 1.3mbs and liek 6kps upload:mad: :mad:
You are right. It works perfectly. And I was able to break the Comcast caps. And it took them less than 10 minutes to call my house telling me to knock it off.

Of course, once I had their attention I pointed out the fact that if they would hire someone who knows what they are doing then I wouldnt be getting 75% packet loss on my first two hops on their network.

Yes it makes a nice attention getter.
Yes it will get you in trouble, if not cancelled.

But then again if your on Comcast, getting cancelled is like parole.